My Normal Life

My One Addiction

“Hey, how you doin?” I think that will always be my standard pick up line. If you don’t know whose un-fall-for-able line that is, than I pity you. It’s almost like you never owned a TV. So what was all of your furniture pointed at? Apparently, you’re not very lonely, awkward or as desperate for love as I am on most days. But I have my perk. I’m still out searching for my Crap Bag, and I will find him some day. If you know why a Crap Bag is a good thing, then you all know I would be his Princess Consuela Banana Hammock.

Until then, though, I will pivot through life, searching through countless ugly, naked guys. I know for sure I’ll be careful to make sure they don’t have VD. If anything, I could always escape life for relaxation and fresh air to Yemen. Or I could just take a nap with my best friend. Because, until I find my lobster, you guys are stuck with me.



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