My Normal Life

My Life is a Musical!

Sunday, November 18, 2015. 11:41pm: My life has become a musical to me. I walk around, singing all of my problems away. I break out into a song when I think about an update I had just read that seemed to dash my ego in half. A song makes its way out whenever I go over my ever deducting bank account. One even seems to find its way into my life as I apply for my 762nd job. They appear to be trying to brighten up the moments that I have been trying to improve up the moments that I usually over dramatize in some way. We all know this is what Facebook is for.

My musical life is seeming to come out a lot more as my surgery approaches. Perhaps my body is just trying to keep itself calm so the one organ that is to be operated on does not explode from all the stress I have been going through this past week. But, again, this is what singing is for! And beer.

All of my songs that have been singing in my head have been making me want to create a real musical about my life. Not about “Meme”, but about me. A half fiction, in a way. I know there’s a term for it.

Maybe. I can just see it now:

Act 1, Scene 1: She awakens in her bed, and wanders into the kitchen. Opening the fridge, she begins to take a swig of her left over 7-11, but sees that it’s empty. She returns the cup back into the fridge. Now she wanders back into her room and picks up her phone. As she begins looking at it, the music begins.

Girl: I look at this app, every day,

and I feel that it is always the same.

Nothing new is in all of our lives,

except some new husbands and wives.

My updates are so boring,

even my mom is snoring

I really need some new exciting crap.

And then the song can continue on, her just complaining about how boring her life is, because let’s face it, mine is a huge snore.

Act 1, Scene 2: Now, our heroine has found herself a table at her favorite coffee shop. Thankfully, they have her salted caramel mocha so she can now continue to survive in life. She finds it so wrong that they make this a “seasonal” beverage, for what is so “seasonal” about caramel that is salted? How is this at all related to the winter or Christmas?

Sitting at her table, she begins to search her computer, unsure of what to look for. Should she be searching for that one career that she just seems a hundred more applications away from. Or perhaps she is just one more wink away from receiving a response from her future husband on her 18th dating site attempt. Her eyes then come across a certain update on her other page that her attention always never seems to wander away from:

Girl: What is this?

Another Party?

Where’s my invite?

And who is that?

Another baby?

Oh my god!

Excuse me while,

I go jump off,

this buildings green roof.

Judging by my likes, no one will care.

After she has danced around the shop, singing and complaining about her life some more, one of the coffee cashiers comes over to her and asks her to leave. Something about being too much of an inconvenience. Apparently, this coffee douche just doesn’t understand the point of life being a musical.

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