My Normal Life

I Am a Pisces

My mind wanders. I know that this is true because it has taken me ten minutes just to type this sentence. When my heart and body is stuck on one person, I am devoted to them until the very end. When a Pisces is tired of all of this bullshit that is going on around me, I begin to speak my sarcasm fluently. This is what helps me become much better at sarcasm, it being my first language. Cursing being my second. As a Piscean woman, I have many beautiful qualities. I can be very seductive, passionate and caring. I am generous and sweet. Nothing is, surprisingly, able to get by me. I can often zone out, though, wanting to be somewhere else, doing something else. But do not cross me. I have the strongest gut feeling amongst all of the other signs. One minute I may be extremely happy, but the next, I will be extremely depressed. I am a highly emotional person, constantly craving love and affection. Longing these, as a Pisces, is why my biggest fear is being rejected. I am always making up bad things in my mind and way over thinking them. This is what steers me toward my bad moods. I fear that I will never find the right person to love. When I find them, though, they must be my more dominate partner or I will fall more into my ditch of self-pity. I need other people to keep me grounded, for Pisces love to float around my world of imagination. I know that me being such a caring, compassionate person and by being a Pisces, I could cry over a dead animal laying on the side of the road but then I would feel no remorse about mowing down any humans that I hate. So don’t piss me off. I am a very emotional person. I am constantly tired of putting up with all of this bullshit in life, so my mood changes a million times in one day. When I am being independent, my creativity makes it’s shining depute. I am unable to be on my own for long before my mind begins to wander, though. I need other people to help keep me grounded. I always wondered if I had my vast imagination for any reason other than just for me. But Pisces are imaginative, compassionate and kind. I would go out of my way to help a friend. I am selfless and unworldly, intuitive and sympathetic. But I can also be mysterious, and vague, weak willed and easily deceived. I need a strong, positive friend to help keep me strong. I myself know how easily misled I have been in my aquatic zodiac life. I as a Pisces, my personality is hard to pin down, being very peculiar. I can become molded by my surroundings. Perhaps, though, my sixth sense that can never be explained will one day help me out. I know that I need to find my Cancer, or else I am most likely to die falling out of a window or get run over by a truck, me being so clumsy. I do walk into my walls all day. This all must explain why I can remember what I wore on July 8, 2012 but I sometimes forget how to spell my last name. And we all know that I have no sense of direction. I thought this was just me; but now I can blame it on me being a Pisces. One of the best parts of being a female Piscean is that I may appear innocent, but in reality, I am the most sexually game female in the zodiac. Bazinga!



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