My Normal Life

Dear Mom and Dad

I love you. I love you to the core of my heart. I can never express this enough. All of the hugs that I wrap you in will never be able to squeeze into you all of the years’ worth of thankfulness that I can never seem to give you enough of. I could never show you enough gratitude for all of the days, months, and years full of love that you have given to me. You two have devoted so much to me, even the days that you were filled full of sleep and pain, yet were still able to take a deep breath and put in more hours for me. Nothing I ever say or give could ever match all that you two have dug so deep inside yourselves to provide for me. My five minutes of love will never be worth the billions of long hours you have devoted these 31 years to keep a roof over my heard and food on our table. So I thank you. I thank you with all that I can find inside myself. Every tear of love and happiness is meant for the two people I could never say “I love you”, to enough, so that you would truly know how much that I do. But I do. I will forever. I love you.


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