My Normal Life

Have a Nice Life

I know that my life will get better with time. I feel like I’m going to hurt while I’m healing. Even though I really love you, I know that I will smile because I deserve to. So, maybe things will get better with time. Even when I turned on my television, a commercial would remind me of you. I would just put aside my feelings. I know there is no more you and me, so I know that I can be free. I will get better with time. I know that if we ever had to switch places, and I was a guy, I would know how much it was hurting you to be losing me. It is a little too late for you to come back just to tell me that everything between us  was just a mistake. If you thought I have been waiting for you, you have been thinking all wrong. All of this time, I have been wasting, all you do is let me down. You think everything will be fine again but definitely not this time around. You don’t have to call me. I know that we’ve been apart and back together, again and again, both of us falling in and out of love. I am trying not to be someone who can walk away so easily. But, I am giving up. I thought I had been learning to love, then I started feeling so small. You know that I did love you. But I am done.




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