My Normal Life

A Cancer and Pisces

You know you love him when you’re willing to leave the Great Lake State that you were both born and raised in to start your lives all over again in the Silver State, just so you can see his scruffy face every day. Moving in with each other is one big step in life, but moving half way across the country, that is an entirely major one. I love him, as much as we disagree every day, I love him.

Water signs pay attention to every person, place and thing around them. They remember everything they see, hear and smell. A dynamic duo in the zodiac world; Cancer and Pisces. In the zodiac world, a Pisces and a Cancer are 85% compatible. Cancer and Pisces are both deeply romantic and sentimental. These two signs love hard, so when you play with their emotions, be prepared for consequences. A Cancer will be in control while the Pisces will provide the emotional support. When Pisces gets scared, they fail to tell the truth, even on the silliest of things because they feel the need to distance themselves from pressure. Whatever the situation, both signs will be patient enough to trust each other for the relationship to work out. Pisces always have something to talk about, and this can be good or bad for the Cancer, who feels the need to deal with REAL information. Cancer can understand the sensitive nature of their Pisces better than anyone else. Cancer feels, rather than listens, which makes them a perfect companion for Pisces.

Cancer and Pisces are typically brought together by romantic love. Cancer is usually not aggressive or pushy, that I have learned he hardly ever is. Pisces has a tendency to create intimacy and a happy home, which, since this big move with the man that I love, I have been trying to do for him. The two water signs connect through emotion, usually as soon as they lay their eyes upon each other. I feel that is what we did on our very first date. There was something inside me that told me not to let him get away. I have made that mistake a few times on our road, but I’ve been able to reel him back in each time.

The biggest challenge between these two signs is perhaps how changeable a Pisces can be. Other than changing just my pants, I know that I can, in a lot more ways, never make up my mind.  A fine balance would need to be made between excitement and stability, then these two could be one of the most wonderful couples of the zodiac world, Cancer inspired and Pisces with a feeling of home. Whatever situation they’re going through, both will be patient enough to trust each other for their relationship to work out.  And I do trust him.

Financially, Cancer plans for the future, he builds some security, while Pisces is unlikely to be interested in such endeavors. When it comes to the both of us, this could not be more right. As soon as five dollars is given to me, I run to the store to blow it away. When a penny is given to him, he tucks it away for a rainy day.

Cancer views that Pisces is a partner who will absorb their mood and ensure they both have the same mood. They need to make sure that this is the partner that will always understand them. Most of the time, I do understand my Cancer. These two signs are an intuitive, affectionate and caring match. Both can be deeply romantic and sentimental towards each other in so many inexpressible ways.  They intuitively understand each other in so many ways. For Pisces, her Cancer is a lover who is a very emotional, moody person. But Pisces needs someone who can read them and react accordingly, which my Cancer can do better than any person I have ever known.

These two water signs connect through emotion, usually as soon as they lay eyes upon each other. They remember everything they see, hear and smell about each other and my Cancer always smells good. I know that he is my perfect crab and I am the gold fish meant for him, so us two water signs can find our pond to live in, as difficult as that might in our new lives in Nevada.




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